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Blue Water

Tanning Beds

Level 1 Tanning Bed


Build a base tan over time by pairing lower intensity lamps with a higher concentration of UVB rays for optimum melanin production.

  • Lower intensity

  • Standard UV performance

  • Stimulates melanin production

  • Up to 15-minute exposure schedules

Level 2 Tanning Bed Lay Down Option
Level 3 Tanning Bed Stand Up Option

LEVEL # 2 / 3

Higher intensity lamps with a greater concentration of UVA rays darken your base melanin for deeper, more intense color.

  • High intensity

  • Darkens skin in less time

You have the option of choosing to lay down or stand up depending on your tanning needs.

Lay down option

  • 15-minute maximum

  • Built-in turbo body cooling fans for maximum comfort

  • 3 hi pressure face tanners that can be turned off at your discretion

Stand up option

  • 12-minute maximum

  • Built-in turbo body cooling fans for maximum comfort

The KBL Pure Energy offers a combination of unprecedented, exclusive characteristics. Ultimate tanning results using maximum power for users. This pure beauty contains 52 total lamps to produce a pure outstanding 10,400 watts of power. The ergonomic arrangement of grab handles inside the tower makes standing, while tanning, comfortable and provides an even all-around tan.

Level 5 High Pressure Bed


High Pressure Bed

Take your tan to the next level

Superior bronzing, less burning (minimal UVB rays) and longest-lasting tan.

The spacious European high-pressure bed is a combination of 15 high pressure lamps to ensure an exceptionally dark long-lasting tan in only 12 minutes.

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