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Blue Water

Tanning Beds

Level 1 Tanning Bed


Build a base tan over time by pairing lower intensity lamps with a higher concentration of UVB rays for optimum melanin production.

  • Lower intensity

  • Standard UV performance

  • Stimulates melanin production

  • Up to 15-minute exposure schedules

Level 2 Tanning Bed Lay Down Option
Level 3 Tanning Bed Stand Up Option

LEVEL # 2 / 3

Higher intensity lamps with a greater concentration of UVA rays darken your base melanin for deeper, more intense color.

  • High intensity

  • Darkens skin in less time

You have the option of choosing to lay down or stand up depending on your tanning needs.

Lay down option

  • 15-minute maximum

  • Built-in turbo body cooling fans for maximum comfort

  • 3 hi pressure face tanners that can be turned off at your discretion

Stand up option

  • 12-minute maximum

  • Built-in turbo body cooling fans for maximum comfort

The KBL Pure Energy offers a combination of unprecedented, exclusive characteristics. Ultimate tanning results using maximum power for users. This pure beauty contains 52 total lamps to produce a pure outstanding 10,400 watts of power. The ergonomic arrangement of grab handles inside the tower makes standing, while tanning, comfortable and provides an even all-around tan.

Standard Vitality beds

LEVEL #5  New arrival

High Intensity Ergoline Vitality Hybrid Light Bed

Take your tan to the next level in just 10 minutes

Superior bronzing, less burning and longest-lasting golden tan.

The latest in tanning technology featuring hybrid tanning. Experience UV tanning and Red light therapy in one. Delivering the most beautiful and natural tanning results than any other bed. Come try it for yourself at Tan By The Sea the only location in San Diego County to have this coveted bed.

Custom settings for different skin types Sensitive, Medium and Intensive.

Experience the future of tanning with hybrid tanning, featuring Red Light therapy and UV tanning at the same time for an enhanced tanning session and for added skin care benefits.

Red light therapy on the body and face to stimulate collagen production.

Adjustable LED Spectra facial for minimal heat on the face for a more natural tan.

AC, Aqua mist, Aroma therapy and an ergonomic bottom acrylic for your tanning pleasure.

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