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The Do's and Dont's of Tanning: Expert Advice from Tan By The Sea


As the desire for that sun-kissed glow remains a popular beauty trend, it's essential to tan responsibly and protect your skin. At Tan By The Sea, we're more than just a tanning salon; we're your trusted source for expert advice on achieving a beautiful tan while safeguarding your skin's health. The dos and don'ts of tanning to ensure your tanning experience is both effective and safe.

The Dos of Tanning:

  1. Do Choose the Right Tanning Method:

  • At Tan By The Sea, we offer various tanning methods, including tanning beds, VersaSpa spray booths, and airbrush tanning. Choose the method that suits your preferences and skin type.

  1. Do Exfoliate Before Tanning:

  • Exfoliating your skin before a tanning session helps remove dead skin cells, ensuring a more even and longer-lasting tan.

  1. Do Use Protective Eyewear:

  • Always wear protective eyewear to shield your eyes from UV exposure in tanning beds or during spray tans.

  1. Do Stay Hydrated:

  • Proper hydration helps maintain skin health and prolongs the life of your tan. Drink plenty of water before and after tanning.

The Don'ts of Tanning:

  1. Don't Overdo It:

  • Excessive tanning can lead to skin damage and increase the risk of skin cancer. Follow recommended tanning schedules and avoid overexposure.

  1. Don't Forget Sunscreen:

  • Even if you're seeking a tan, it's crucial to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Apply sunscreen to areas not covered during your tanning session.

  1. Don't Tan on Sunburned Skin:

  • Tanning on sunburned or damaged skin can worsen the condition. Wait until your skin has fully healed before tanning.

  1. Don't Wear Makeup or Perfume:

  • Makeup and perfume can create barriers that affect the evenness of your tan. Avoid wearing them during your tanning session.

At Tan By The Sea, your well-being is our top priority. Following these dos and don'ts of tanning will help you achieve a beautiful, long-lasting tan while safeguarding your skin's health. If you have questions or need personalized advice, our expert team is here to assist you. Remember, responsible tanning is the key to looking and feeling your best. Visit Tan By The Sea to discover the perfect tanning solution for you!

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