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Comparing Tanning Options: Airbrush, Spray Tan, and VersaSpa


When it comes to achieving a perfect, sun-kissed glow without sun exposure, there are several popular options available: airbrush tanning, traditional spray tans, and VersaSpa tanning. Each method has its unique benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Airbrush Tanning

What it is: Airbrush tanning is a manual process where a technician applies a tanning solution using an airbrush or spray gun. It allows for detailed customization and precision.


  • Customizable: Each tan is applied manually, allowing the technician to adjust the color and contour the body for a natural look.

  • Precision: Great for targeting specific areas or blending into existing tans.

  • Personalized service: One-on-one session ensures that all your concerns are addressed.


  • Time-consuming: Takes longer than other methods due to the detail and care involved.

  • Costlier: Generally more expensive because of the labor and skill required.

  • Requires skilled technician: The results heavily depend on the technician’s skill.

Traditional Spray Tan

What it is: This involves entering a spray tan booth where nozzles spray you with tanning solution. It’s automated and quick.


  • Speed: A full-body tan can be completed in just a few minutes.

  • Convenience: No need for human interaction, which can be a plus for those who prefer privacy.

  • Uniform application: Automated mist ensures the solution is evenly applied across the body.


  • Less customizable: Cannot tailor the tan as specifically as airbrush tanning.

  • Possible unevenness: If not positioned correctly, it can lead to missed spots or uneven color.

  • Limited shades: Usually, there are fewer options compared to custom airbrush solutions.

VersaSpa Tanning Bed

What it is: VersaSpa combines a spray tan solution with a booth that also features a drying mechanism, making the process more comfortable and efficient.


  • Multi-functional: Offers pre-tanning skin conditioning, tanning, and post-tanning hydration sessions.

  • Automated privacy: Provides an enclosed space with automated voice instructions, enhancing user comfort.

  • Quick drying: The built-in drying feature reduces the sticky feeling and can improve the evenness of the tan.


  • Less interaction: If issues arise, there’s no technician present to make immediate adjustments.

  • Machine errors: As with any machine, technical difficulties can affect performance.

  • Cost: Can be expensive due to the advanced technology involved.

Choosing the right tanning method depends largely on your personal preferences, budget, and the specific results you’re looking for. If you want a highly personalized and meticulously applied tan, airbrush tanning might be your best choice. For those seeking a quick and convenient option, a traditional spray tan or a VersaSpa session could be ideal. Always consult with a professional at your chosen tanning salon to discuss the best options for your skin type and desired outcome.

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